Pig by pig
ooh Stella!

It’s a match!

The piggies are putting on their best dating faces to try to woo you. Which one makes you go BOOM? For Stella, it’s Big Pig. Then there’s Poppy and Necro Pig – ooh, let’s not go there… Not to mention Dahlia and Ninja pig: there’s definitely some fireworks when these two meet. Pick your pig and have some fun with him!

Boom Pig

What was that? Oh, just my heart going BOOM!

I might be noisy, but hey, got your attention, right?

Heli Pig

Catch me if you can!

Don’t mind me hovering. You just make me restless.

Space Pig

I’m your gravity

Staying on the ground is really nothing. I dare you to take a flightless adventure with me!

Big Pig

Make me fall and I’ll make your whole world shake

Hold on to me baby! (You don’t want to see what happens if you don’t…)

Muscle Pig

Be mine or be square

I’ve got guns. That means I won’t roll over when you’re down.

Ninja Pig

You’ll fall for me faster than you can say cat

I’ll be there to save you when you’re in danger, girl. I’m quick as a cat.

Jet Pig

Are you the angel that fell from heaven?

My tanks’ always full, babe. Let’s jet off together.

Crossfit Pig

It’s not you, it’s how tight I am.

You’ll never find anybody like me – except those who want to be me. Wait, what?

Cursed Pig

Not even death will do us apart

Dead or alive, I’ll always come back for you.

Necro Pig

Dead end for you, babe

Don’t fear my skull hat; underneath my exterior is a gentle soul.

You said hot

And so did of voters.

Mmmh! Come play the game and get piggy with me!
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You said not

And so did of voters.

Well there are other play dates waiting in line. For you and me both. But mainly me.
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Meet the Fearless Flock

For the first time ever, you can pick your own line-up from Stella and her friends

Knowing what you want is empowering! Now you can decide which of the birds to play with. Select a fine flock of feathers to defeat the piggies – one by one!


If not me, then who?

These feathers are made for shining and that’s just what they’ll do. Don’t try to steal my limelight but I’m happy to share the stage with you. If you enjoy popping pigs that is.


You’ve been poppied!

Yes, it was probably me. I’m the original prankster of the flock. I won’t let you get off easy, especially if you’re green, round and you snort.


Looking for a dreamboat? That’s me!

Hop in and I’ll whisk you away. I won’t say much but I’ll knock your green socks off anyway.


You won’t know what hit you

I’m the geek who gets the pigs. ‘Nuff said.


Baby, get over it – I’m breaking good

Nobody puts Luca in the corner. So don’t call me baby or I’ll scream.


Good bird gone bad

Honey, I’m golden. As long as you make me feel like a billion dollars.

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